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Do you need your Samsung smartphone and computer to work as one device? Try Sidesync APK, a tool to insert your mobile into your computer and vice versa. That smartphones and tablets have become practical work tools something that many users have already proven and demonstrated. The workflow with one of these devices still requires a computer to share and edit documents comfortably or to create backup copies.

Samsung has thought about making things easier for the user of devices and computers of this same brand with the Sidesync Source. A utility to have the computer in the mobile and the mobile on the computer.

Sidesync APK

Sidesync APK Features

Intelligent and convenient connection

Install Sidesync APK on a PC and mobile device. Then connect two devices through a USB or Wi-Fi data cable. By simply connecting the PC and the mobile. You can comfortably use various SideSync functions. For a PC or MAC, click on the download button above to install it. For a mobile device, you can download the application from Google Play or Samsung GALAXY Apps. It is preloaded on your latest Galaxy device.

Make phone calls and send text messages

If you’re PC and mobile device are connected with SideSync, you can check the alarms to receive phone calls and connect directly to the application on your PC. Through the pop-up window, you can receive phone calls or exchange text messages.

Sharing files between your PC and mobile device

Sidesync APK allows you to quickly share files and texts between your PC and your mobile device simply by drag and drop. You can insert photos from your mobile device into Word documents on your PC. Also, you can insert a file into your PC on your mobile device. While sending text messages or email.

How to Use Sidesync?

The only requirement is that both the computer and the device belong to the Samsung brand. If so, you only need to download the SideSync application on the portable device and connect both devices using a USB cable or the same WiFi connection. Thus, through a process that is fully guided. The user only has to follow the instructions and wait for both the SideSync application of the terminal and the computer part to be activated. Indicating what type of connection they want. It is possible to include the terminal directly on the computer screen or set it to one of the sides of the screen of this one as an extension.

With this, it is already possible to start moving with the mouse both by the computer and by the device. Passing to its screen and using it comfortably. To do this, the mouse allows functioning as the user’s finger with the left button, using the right to go back and the wheel as a Menu button. A good way to run applications like ChatOn and use the computer keyboard to write messages more comfortably.

But the really useful thing about this system is the way it opens to share content. So, as if it were a folder, you only need to drag and drop to transfer images, videos, and documents between the two platforms. And not only that since the clipboard function shared, being able to copy and paste text and contents with the classic buttons Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste).

Also, if the mode of the terminal on the screen is used, it is possible to draw on it and send screenshots comfortably. All this without taking your hands off the keyboard and the computer mouse.

SideSync alternatives

power mirror

power mirror is an application that allows you to duplicate your Android and iPhone screen on your computer. Also, it allows Android users to control devices from the PC with the keyboard and mouse. With this software, you can use the multimedia files saved on your mobile phone, directly from your computer, to present Powerpoint, PDF and other documents to your colleagues or partners on a larger screen, or play and send messages from the PC.


The visor is one more way to see your mobile screen on the PC and control it with the mouse and keyboard. Unlike the competition, it is based on an extension for Google Chrome. It compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS, without the need to install a different client on each platform.

Sidesync FRP Bypass

Download the Sidesync FRP Bypass file from here. Connect your device with a USB cable and run Sidesync FRP Bypass. Install ES file explorer and download the account login APK. Allow unknown sources. Restart your device and go on.

Final thought,

It is a tool to use a portable Samsung device as the second screen of the computer. In this way, the virtues of the smartphone or tablet are added to the comfort of the computer. In addition to adding a comfortable channel to copy and paste content from one device to another. Among other features discussed below. Download Sidesync APK from here and don’t forget to share.

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