FRP Lock Remove From Samsung Devices | How To Remove Guide

Lollipop 5.1 introduced a reinforcement in the factory reset security with the purpose of making it somewhat more difficult to reset stolen phones. The operation is simple, during the factory reset you need to log in with the Google account of the device. It usually the “thief” that will not know. As in the case of other devices, LG Bypass Tool Download APK is the software itself introduced by the manufacturer. It makes possible to find a way to reset the phone without the administrator’s password. How to Bypass Google Verification on LG 2020 Tutorial. Samsung FRP Bypass APK Download Link.

How To Bypass Google Verification on LG

How to Bypass Google Verification on LG

The LG G4 has undergone our usual test that implies intensive use and as the only terminal for a whole month. There is any section of the operation of the LG G4. We could fine-tune after our analysis. It has been the time to do LG G4 FRP Bypass 2020. Let’s know to how to bypass google verification on LG.

Step 1

The first thing we must have is a micro SD memory, once we have the following we must do is download the Quick Shortcut Maker application. At the top, we will leave a link that will take you directly to the application. Now you must pass the App to the micro SD memory. Once you have the application in memory, the next thing to do is have the phone turned on right in the part of the Google account check.

Download Qucishotcutmaker

Step 2

Once we have done the previous steps, the next thing we will do is, embed the SD memory to our mobile and once we do it. We will immediately throw a small box with the following message “Prepared for SD card and we just have to click in the “OK” button.

lg g4 frp bypass 2017

Step 3

Once we have done the above, it will automatically open the storage settings of our mobile. The next thing we will do is choose the option of applications. It will immediately open a menu with all the applications of our mobile. Not only must we go to the “All section to see all the applications of our mobile, once here we must look for the application File manager”.

Step 4

Once the above is done, we will open a small window with the information of the application. We will do here will be to move to the bottom and look for the option “Launch”. Once we do this, it will show us the storage options for our mobile, and we must choose the option of external storage (SD). Once inside we will look for the application that we have passed previously.

Step 5

Once we have located the application we will proceed to install it, it will send you a message where you must activate the option of unknown origins. You just have to go to settings ——> Security —-> Unknown origins and once this is done. Just have to wait for the installation of the application to finish, and we will click on Open.

Step 6

Once you have done the previous step, the application interface will open. Here we will have to look for the option “Google Account Manager” and write your email and password. Then press the “Test” option. It will show us a small interface where the entry of a password is requested. You must do here is not to place the password. We just have to go to the top right of the screen of our mobile (where are the three vertical points) and press. Now, it will show the option of “Login in the Browser”.

Step 7

Once you have done the previous step, the next thing we will do is enter a Mail and Password account, and we must log in. Once the process to log in is finished, the next thing we will do is restart our device.

Step 8

Once our device has been restarted, you can start the mobile configuration again. It will not ask you to register an account. It will only make a connection verification that will take a few minutes, and then a message will appear where the account has been added and that’s it. Now all that’s left is to continue with the following configurations and that’s how easy it is to have access to your mobile again.

With this process, you can do LG V10 FRP Bypass and LG G5 Nougat Google Bypass quickly within a few minutes.

LG K10 Google Account Bypass

The method LG K10 Google Account Bypass takes a couple of minutes. Basically, you must activate the accessibility functions Switch Access to add a shortcut for Overview. Then you can open a browser from the Privacy Policy menu of Talkback. From there you download an APK to add another account.

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You must alternate between the different accounts until you can do another factory reset. This time will not be protected. With just these simple steps, you can skip the Google account on LG devices. How to Bypass Google Verification on LG Full Guideline.

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