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Are you using an Android smartphone or tablet? If so, are you looking for an easy way to get root privileges on your device? If yes, is your answer, then you have arrived at the correct post. Here you can download free SRS Root APK for android. A single-click Root program. It is capable of rooting Smartphones and Android tablets with ease.

Is it worth rooting the terminal? As many manufacturers have a late update policy, with personalized rooms, you can optimize your phone before official updates. Why? You will gain extra power and performance on your phone without the need to purchase a superior model. Download Root Master APK 2020 Version.


Download SRS Root APK: Mirror Link

Features of SRS Root APK without PC

1) One of the best one-click Root tools: SRSRoot is the best one-click Root tool available on the Internet. Unlike other tools, SRSRoot comes with multiple options that will help in the root procedure of any Android device.

SRS Root APK Download For One Click Root

2) Smart Root: This tool comes with a special feature called “SmartRoot” that helps determine the best method to root the device. With the help of this advanced function, you can easily root your smartphone or tablet.

SRS One Click Root APK

3) It has ADB Toolbox: The tool comes with ADB Toolbox, and its use can “Reset User Lock,” “Reset Gesture Lock,” “Reset Gmail,” “Delete all data” and do many more things.

4) Easy Unroot: The SRSRoot offers an easy way to unroot your rooted Android device. Just click on the “Unroot” button on the device, and the root will be automatically deleted.

How to Use SRS Root APK

SRSRoot is an application developed to facilitate the root procedure of devices equipped with Android, Google’s mobile operating system that has dominated the portable electronics market.

And when we say that his goal is to make this practice simpler, we want to make it clear that the developers of the program have thought of just about everything.

With the required configurations of the device made (see the last topic), a few clicks are enough, most of them to confirm certain actions so that SRSRoot does everything by itself. You have to keep an eye out to see if everything is happening in the right way.

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Keep in mind before rooting your device:

1) SRSRoot was developed and distributed by 123Unlock (GSM service). So all the credits go to them.

2) You can apply this method to any Android device and tablet.

3) If you encounter any problems while using this tool, you can leave a comment.

4) Disable programs such as Antivirus / Antimalware because they will interrupt the Root procedure.


Before you start any step with SRSRoot, it is worth noting that the root procedure can cause damage to the operating system and therefore cause the gadget to malfunction. Therefore, perform this unlocking of resources originally hidden from the OS at your own risk.

To summarize, we are not responsible for possible issues with your phone or tablet. Also, be aware that with the root of the system any warranty offered by the manufacturer or reseller of the device is no longer valid.

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Tips for SRS Root APK user

Using SRSRoot, just like any other program of the genre, requires a lot of caution. However, it is nothing that a little calm and patients do not solve. The first thing to do is to enable the USB debugging of the green robot platform. We explain one of the ways here.

If you do not find this option in your gadget, it probably has developer mode disabled. To solve this problem, perform the following steps:

  • Go to Android Settings;

srs root apk latest version

  • Open the “About Phone” item;

srs root for pc

  • Now click seven times on the “Version Number” option;

srs root without pc

  • Android will inform you that “Developer options” have been enabled.

srs root apk download

The next step is to allow “unknown sources” to implement changes to Android. On most versions of the Google operating system, this feature is triggered by the “Unknown Sources” option in the “Security” menu.

Then you must connect your device to the computer via a USB cable. Make sure that all the drivers for it are properly installed on the device. You have to choose the way the procedure should take place. From a simpler and more direct technique or a conglomerate of more complex and safe methods (“All Methods”).

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