Root Genius APK Free Download For Android

Root Genius APK is a program that promises to help anyone who wants to rotate their devices with the Android operating system with just one click. The application is a much less complicated option than many tutorials teach, especially for the less experienced users, after all, in many gadgets the unlocking process is stuffed with complicated procedures. You can also download Iroot APK lastest version.

The rooting app works fine. More than 10,000 devices supported and can root KitKat, lollipop, marshmallow devices with one click. The app does not perform the reverse process. Now, Root Genius APK KitKat download from here.

Root Genius APK

Root genius APK features

Rooting with a single Click

This tool allows you to root Android in a simple way and with the press of a single button. After pressing that button, your mobile will have Root permits activated.

Root Genius

Does not require an Internet connection

Root genius APK does not need an Internet connection to root your Android phone, since it is enough to install the application and root the device quickly, saving the megabytes of your plan.

No Need Internet Connection For Use Genius APK

Easy to use

This tool does not need any special configuration to perform the rooting of your mobile. You simply do: Install the application, open it and press the Root button.

Genius APK just Press Root Button

Does not require a computer to operate

The best part of Root Genius is that you do not need to have a computer on hand to root your mobile. You can simply download the tool on your Android device to be able to count the Root permissions.

Genius Root For Android Devices

No chance of losing data

Unlike other tools and procedures when using Root Genius APK, there is no risk of losing your data. So, your contacts, photos, music, messages or settings will be affected. If you are suspicious of this, you can make a backup quickly on your mobile.

No loss Mobile Data For Use Genisu Root APK

Operation of Root Genius APK

Root Genius is incredibly simple to use, especially on newer handsets. Errors can occur since this is a risky procedure and you need to be aware that no app is 100% safe for this action.

Even so, this program tries to minimize the problems and, if something goes wrong. It tries to return the system to “normal” mode. If your device cannot be rooted, the program takes care that it can still be used normally. Even so, it’s good to back up all the information before you start.

Download Genius Root APK Driver

Reviewing the smartphone and downloading the drivers for the process are relatively quick and completed operations within minutes. The second may take a little longer, varying depending on your internet connection. The root itself takes a little longer, and care must be taken not to remove the cable during its course.

Considerations when using Root Genius

You must bear in mind that when using this tool or any other to root your device, you will void your guarantee. So, you must be sure you want to perform the procedure.

By using this program, you can do all in a single interface. There are no different programs for smartphones or tablets of the most different brands promises to be able to do this procedure on over 10,000 different handsets, even running on the Android KitKat.

To work using the Android Root APK, you need to activate the “USB Debugging” mode in your smartphone. This option can be found in the development menu, in the settings of your laptop.

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The fast and automatic procedure

With the USB debugging alternative checked, connect the device to your computer and start the software. In a short time, he will recognize the gadget, also identifying if it is already rooted and what is its respective model.

Root Genius can then work in two different ways. Just click on “Root” to perform the unlock process, including downloading files that may be needed for the process.

In more extreme cases, it may restart your device, also requiring you to perform a few steps manually. In this case, the proper instructions appear on the screen, so you do not have to worry!

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You can also download root master APK v3.0

Above you have given a full description of Root Genius APK for Lollipop and its features. Now, know what we think of it.

It comes to meet a need for many Android owners: a program capable of rooting just about any smartphone or tablet. Of course, you do not have to be performing tutorials, copying and removing files and risking the integrity of your portable gadget.

The program has a simple and straightforward interface. There are no menus, and the software does not have any additional configuration – it does not even have to be installed! – So all you need to do is connect your Android already with the “USB Debugging” mode selected.

As such, using Root Genius APK for Marshmallow is incredibly easy, and anyone can do it. That is an advantage, but it is also a risk. If something goes wrong during the process, you need to know how to get around the problem. So, it’s good to have a minimum of knowledge about it!


Template limitations

The rooting app promises to perform the procedure on more than 10,000 devices. This is a high number, but not enough to cover all the models that have already been manufactured. It is possible if your device is in older. You will need to find a specific method for it.

The plus point is that you can simply plug in your device and see if the software recognizes the system and hardware version. If he cannot perform the procedure, nothing is changed on your phone, and you do not have to undo any steps. Even though it cannot root your phone, you are sure that Android will not stop working. Latest Publisher FRP APK Site.

Download Link: Mirror Link

Final thought,

While reporting on the official website that the root process on an Android device can be reversed, Root Genius APK is not able to do that. That is, it will not let your phone or tablet permanently unlocked. However, to do the reverse action. You will need to install and use another program on your computer. Download the root app from here and feel free to ask any questions in the comment section.

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