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FRP Bypass Tool is an important tool to remove or bypass the Factory Reset Protection. FRP is a data protection built-in feature that exists in most of the Android device. This feature is for protecting your personal data from others when you, unfortunately, lose your phone. If the person who gets your device wants to reset it, he cannot do it because he needs your Google account username and password. So, when you forget this password, you need the FRP bypass software to do any change of your device. However, if you search for this tool, you will find a lot of tools for PC and Android device.

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FRP Bypass Tool Samsung

You may feel to lock your favorite device for various causes. It is possible for the Factory Reset Protection feature. When anyone tries to restart or reset your Samsung Smartphone, he has to enter the password and username of Google account. It is not impossible for you to forget the password. But when you forget it, what can you do? You need an FRP Bypass tool. Go to the browser on your PC and search for the FRP tool. You will get a lot of tools for Your Samsung device. Here we are also providing this tool for FRB Bypass of your Samsung phone. You can do this work very easily with this tool. It is the Octopus Samsung Unlocker tool.

The using process of Samsung FRP Bypass Tool

Now see the process how to Bypass Samsung device with Samsung FRP Bypass Tool. You just do some few steps to complete the process.

  • At first, download FRB tool on your PC.
  • Then turn off your mobile.
  • Now, you have to press three buttons at a time. The buttons are Volume down, volume up and home button. But it is important that you press all these buttons at the same time.
  • A warning message will appear on the screen of your phone. When you see it, stop pressing the buttons.
  • Now press volume up button to go to the download mode.
  • After successfully bringing the download mode, you need to follow some other steps.

This Process is for FRP Bypass Tool for PC. So, we see that we need PC to complete this process. Let’s see the next other steps.

FRP Bypass Tool APK

Install USB driver for Samsung device

To install the driver, follow the steps below:

  • At first, download and install it on your computer. Now connect the Samsung phone to the computer with the USB cable.
  • Go to the My computer icon and here right click the mouse. You can find the properties option and click on it.
  • Now go to the device manager.
  • You should be careful that, you connect your phone to the laptop. After clicking the device manager, check it.

How to Bypass FRP with Octopus Software

Octopus FRP Bypass is very useful to the Samsung device. Now see the steps to do the complete bypass of your device.

  • Install this software. Then go to the Support and Options button and click on it.
  • There is a phone model selecting a tab. Here select your phone model.
  • Then go to the Action tab to click the Reset FRP button. You will find it within the first three options.
  • You will see a pop-up with the message to enable ADB. So, try to enable it by simply clicking the OK.
  • Now go to the log section. At the end of this section, you will see a message “searching for the phone”. Then click the Cancel on this tab and click Reset FRP button.
  • Again, you will see another pop-up. Here also a message.
  • Click the Yes button and wait. After some seconds, the process will be completed and you are able to remove the FRP from your device.

We see that it is very easy to do FRP bypass with PC on Samsung device with the FRP Bypass tool so easily.

FRP bypass remotely on Android device

You can also remotely do FRP reset of your Android device. Let’s see this process below:

  • You can do this. But you have to be sure that your device is on. You can do it with another mobile with the mobile manager or WiFi connection.
  • Then Launch the Device Manager with an app on an Android phone. Log in it with your Google account of your lost device.
  • When you open the device manager, you will see a map with some devices. Find out your device name and tap on it.
  • When you tap the correct device, you will see some options such as Ring, Lock, Erase. The ring option is to locate your phone if you misplace it on your house. You need to use the Erase option to FRP bypass of your device to make use that your personal data will keep safe. Tap the Lock option. A screen will appear to change the PIN of your phone. So, enter the new PIN and wait for few seconds. Then you will able to see the info on your phone.

By this process, you can do FRP bypass on your Android device if you lose it. But if your device is at flight mode, you cannot do this process.

All the problems have solutions. So, when you lose your favorite Android device with some personal data, the FRP feature protects the data. But when we forget our used Google account, we need to find out the solution. Here, the best solution is to use FRP Bypass tool for Android device. Try to download and use the best and latest one. Besides, for your Samsung device, you can use Octopus FRP Bypass tool to do bypass FRP. You can also remotely do it with the help of Device Manager. All the processes are not hard and complicated. So, if you face such a problem, use this tool to reset your device.

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