Samsung Galaxy S7 FRP Lock Bypass Guidelines 2020

With the advent of the Android 5.1 Lollipop system, users have not only new useful functions but also frankly “features.” For example, Google FRP Lock, it is also “protection from resetting settings.” The essence of which is to protect the phone from intruders who have decided to bypass google account S7 lock by resetting the settings.

Bypass Google Account S7

Ways to Bypass Google Account S7

After resetting the settings, the user must log in to the Google account to which this phone was attached. Very often it happens that the phone does not accept the correct account and password. How to deal with this problem?

Already there are so many methods to bypass FRP Lock, for many smartphones their instructions, therefore:

If you cannot remove FRP Lock from your device – write the full model of your smartphone/tablet in the commentary, and you will receive the appropriate instruction.

Google’s security policy states that FRP Lock only works for 72 hours, so if you are not in a hurry, you can wait three days, then the smartphone will turn on. Download Bypass Samsung Account APK from here.

Bypassing FRP with a memory card

Let’s start with the most simple and harmless option, for which you only need a memory card or OTG cable with a USB flash drive. This FRP reset is due to a pop-up message about the connected memory card, from which you can get into the system settings, proceed in order:

Insert the memory card into the phone

In the notification, click OK, you will be taken to the storage settings

Click on “Application Data.”

Go to the “All” tab and find “Settings,” click “Start.”

Settings have been opened, select “Restore and reset.”

Now click on “Reset DRM” and confirm the removal of the keys

Go back to “Restore and reset” and perform a factory reset

Wait for the phone to turn on, now you are free from FRP Lock.

The simple reset of FRP Lock with Sim card

This method assumes that you have the opportunity to call a blocked smartphone if this option does not go on. Bypassing FRP with Sim card:

Insert the SIM card into the phone and turn it on, wait for the connection

Call the locked phone, during a call press the icon for adding a call, and the call clear

You were on the dialing screen, now you need to enter the combination * # * # 4636 # * # *, the advanced settings window will open

In the upper left corner, there should be an arrow back, click on it, and you will get into the standard settings

Open “Restore and reset,” disable backup binding to Google account (Either “Clear credentials” in “Security”) and reset the settings.

Wait until the device is turned on and log in to your Google account.

Bypassing FRP Lock with Wi-Fi

During the initial setup, go to the Wi-Fi connection page, then reset the FRP Lock according to the instructions:

Select any network, open the keyboard by clicking on the password input field

In the keyboard, you need to call up the settings, depending on the keyboard, if there are several options:

Hold the gap

Click Change Language

Press the “Swype” icon

Hold the numeric keypad (123)

Clamp the comma

Enable voice input, do not say anything, wait for the error message and next there will be an inconspicuous icon of the settings, select Google Now, press cancel and you are in the search bar, you just need to write “Settings” and you are already at the target, continue with point number 6.

Once in the keyboard settings, you need to go to another window, for example, to call the help window (hidden in the upper right corner under the vertical ellipsis)

Immediately after switching to a new window, click on the “Recent applications” button, there should appear a search engine line (if not appeared to try to move on the windows until it appears)

Click on “Search” and enter “Settings,” select the application “Settings.”

Open “Restore and reset.”

Check the box next to “Delete account” and click on “Reset.”

After rebooting your phone/tablet will be free from Google FRP Lock!

Ways to bypass Google FRP after a reset for advanced users

These ways to bypass the Google FRP account after a reset are not recommended to users who have never used the SP Flash Tool or custom recovery. These methods are suitable only for smartphones on the MTK chip! Bypass Google Account S7 Manual Guideline.

Bypassing FRP Lock with the Bypass Samsung Account APK

Install the driver, Bypass Samsung Account APKand download the file from here.

Important! Need a scatter file from the current firmware! If you have an Android 5.1 operating system, the scatter from Android 6.0 may not be right!


Turn on the device, no more bypass google account verification. Did you manage to bypass google account S7? What method did you use? Download FRP Bypass from here. Share your experience in the comments.

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