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Are you looking forward to having a bypass FRP APK on your android phone? Never worry because you are on the right page. Here, FRP Bypass APK will be presented to you and discussed in detail. Google owns Android, and therefore it has come up with so many security features in Android devices. These security features help in securing your data. Among this feature is FRP Bypass APK which is the most popular security-related feature in android. This feature protects your device in a case whereby someone secretly might attempt to remove the password on your phone. This feature won’t allow logins to process without using the old Google account thus keeping the android secure. In this article, the FRP Bypass feature will be discussed in detail.

Why FRP Bypass is of Great use.

Up to now, you are in a position of understanding why you should be using FRP bypass APK for android. Here, I will explain in detail for those who did not get the point about this APK. You need not worry. As seen earlier, this FRP security-related feature was introduced by Google for the benefits of its mobile operating android system. For instance, when you happen to lose your phone and then the person who gets it tries to factory reset to use it afresh, this feature becomes helpful in this type of situation.

In other times this APK might create some problems if the android user has forgotten the Google ID or password. To solve this problem, throughout this article, we will share a list of best FRP Bypass tools of 2020. This discussed tools below will help you unlock FRP of your phone’s Google account. This tool includes; FrpHyjacker Tool (for Samsung), D&G FRP Bypass Tool, FRP Bypass Tool with Pangu, and GSM Flasher ADB Tool.

FRP Bypass Tools

1.   FrpHyjacker Tool (for Samsung)

This tool was introduced for Samsung users only. If you have a Samsung phone, be rest assured that you can use this tool to unlock your FRP lock I .e.Google account bypass. This tool will help you access your device without factory resetting. It’s very simple to bypass Samsung Google verification to log in to your account with the aid of this tool. Also, it is very possible to bypass the FRP on Samsung in the download mode. This can be achieved without the use of the ROM activation of ADB mode. We have discussed how to use this tool below.

How to use FrpHyjacker Tool (for Samsung)

When you are through with the download and installation of the tool, open it. After that you will have a menu like the one below;


Figure 1

From this menu, you are supposed to select the model of your Samsung phone from the drop list. Then, using a USB cable, connect your device to the PC in the download mode whereby you get the remove FRP and SoftBrick Fixer options. Ignore the SoftBrickFixer and click on the Remove FRP and after tap the HIJACK IT button. This removes the FRP with ease.

2.   D&G FRP Bypass Tool

This tool is very unique on its way of unlocking an Android device. This is because of the use of step by step to solve your Bypass Google lock problem comprehensively. D&G is always best for Samsung devices, Huawei, Lenovo, HTC, Motorola and Euphoria phones. Additionally, it is proven compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7,8,10, and also Vista. D&G password tool can not only remove FRP but also flash the firmware as well over a wide range of android devices.

How to use D&G FRP Bypass Tool.

First, download and install the tool. Secondly, have an excellent Wi-Fi connection and connect to your PC as you reboot your FRP locked smartphone. Upon getting the Google account verification on your device screen, make sure you plug it to the PC. Afterward, click the“Bypass Remover” button under the “archives” section. Finally, you click on the Remove FRP button and remain patient for the process to complete.


Figure 2

3.   FRP Bypass Tool with Pangu

This tool is useful for Motorola, Lenovo, LG, and Samsung android devices. It only unlocks the FRP lock in the space of 10 minutes. Before you start the process of unlocking, ensure that your phone is well charged. This tool is time-saving and only can be used if you are authorized to the Google account owner. Pangu is free to use.

4.   GSM ADB Flasher Tool

This tool is used to unlock FRP lock on Windows PC and laptops. To use this tool, enable ADB mode on your device. This tool is best suited for Samsung phones and also other android brands. Apart from unlocking FRP lock, this tool can also perform other tasks like; removing pattern lock and pin code. It can also be used in reactivating lock removers. It is easy to set up and it always supported by Windows PC and Laptops.

How to use GSM ADB Flasher Tool

Turn off Windows antivirus application before installation of this tool, and you can later activate it after the removal of the FRP lock is successful. After the download, you need to open the tool and select GSM Flasher Bypass ADB Tool. Then, enable the ADB mode on the FRP locked android device and connect to PC using a USB cable. When green online text appears, the tool has been successfully detected. To finish up click on the remove FRP option and that is it. The FRP is the successfully unlocked using this GSM ADB flasher tool.

Downgrading Android Version to Unlock Your Device

Well, have you tried the above-discussed tools to unlock your device in vain? You don’t have to worry; we have a better solution for you. The only option you remain with after trying all the above-discussed methods is, downgrading the version of your android. This method works out perfectly almost in all android devices. What could you be waiting for when you can try this and see what happens next? We have discussed a few points on how you can downgrade your android version.

How to Downgrade Your Android Device Version

If you have an active internet search for a custom ROM. Third parties always share this Custom ROMs because they are third-party versions built in an Android Device. After a successful installation of this custom ROM, your device is successfully unlocked. This is the simplest way of unlocking your phone. It is best suitable for the devices having Android 5.0 and maybe some other Android 6.0. In case you don’t need to downgrade your phone, visit the nearest local software shop. They will unlock your device in some minutes for you.

I would greatly recommend the above tools when you are not in the position of remembering your Google password. So far, through this article, you have been able to learn how you can unlock your phone once when you can’t access your old Google account password. Now, we will briefly go through on how to activate and disable the FRP Bypass APK 2020 latest fashion.

How to Activate the FRP Bypass APK

Even if this APK does not work on all the android devices, it is very easy and fast to do a factory reset. Android 6.0 and 7.0 have this FRP readily activated. In most cases, the FRP is always readily activated, and you only need to add your Google account in the process of setting up your phone. Upon the addition of the Google account, the FRP is automatically enabled on your phone.

How to Deactivate the FRP Bypass APK

Do you have any intentions of selling your phone and wondering how you will disable the FRP APK? If you are looking for instructions on how to deactivate the FRP, you need not worry because of this your target article. It is good to disable the FRP before selling the phone to the buyer instead of deleting one by one item from your device. This is to avoid future problems to the buyer since you will not be in a position of formatting the phone. To begin with, you need to remove the active Google account from your phone settings. Click under the Account & back up option then tap Accounts and remove the Google account. Now, to disable, click within the Setting app>General management>Reset and then select the Factory data to reset option. That is it, the FRP will be disabled.


FRP Bypass is very essential for Android devices as it serves a great role in terms of security. If you are looking forward to installing this application, then don’t hesitate. Having gone through the importance of the FRP, it does not affect your phone. Instead, it secures your data. It is very easier to bypass android devices like Samsung and LG through FRP. This is because the bypassing of the Google verification is simplified by FRP. Therefore, I recommend this FRP Bypass APK activation on your phone. What are you waiting for?

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